Is your big chair scary to others?

Executive Office ChairIs your big office chair intimidating your co-workers?

Big and tall office chairs, also known as executive chairs, are a staple in many workplaces. They are often used by executives, CEOs, and bosses. Countless films have relied on overbearingly large office chairs to enhance the character of an unfriendly and stern higher-up employee, or employer. These depictions have contributed to the intimidating nature of large office chairs. There are three distinct things about these massive chairs that make them so intimidating to co-workers.

1. Big office chairs are bulky

One of the main reasons why executive chairs are not the most friendly looking seating option out there is that they are bulky. Their bulk is often dominating and stands out in the workplace. Combine this factor with the fact that they are often used by bosses and CEOs, and it is easy to understand why some co-workers may be intimated by them. In its defence, a bulky office chair can be synonymous with comfort. However, there are equally comfortable chairs on the market that do not overwhelm an office, or make employees shy away.

2. Big office chairs are outdated

Over-sized executive chairs are considered outdated. They are not the most stylish option available, and can instantly make your workplace look drab and boring. If you have a big office chair and don’t want to part with it simply because it is comfortable, you should know that style and comfort can be achieved with a more modern chair. For example, ergonomically contoured chairs offer incredible back and spinal support. This type of chair has an aesthetically pleasing look without compromising a high level of comfort. Memory foam is often utilized by manufacturers. This material molds to the shape of your body, offering ultimate comfort. A more modern chair will not only add flair to your office, but will also make it more inviting to co-workers and business partners.

3. Big office chairs are powerful

It’s hard to not think of the word “power” when you see an executive chair. These chairs do have a stigma of power, especially the stereotypical leather over-sized style. As mentioned earlier, films have taken advantage of big chairs in the development of unlikable characters. This has created a stereotype about these chairs being used by demanding bosses and white-collar employees. This is one of the main reasons why co-workers and employees may feel intimidated.

It may be difficult to believe that a chair can spark negative feelings in people, but it’s true. Not all co-workers may feel this way, but the possibility exists and therefore, should be addressed. Big executive chairs take up space, and aren’t the most stylish option available. If you have one, it may be time to move on to something new.