Here Are 5 Quick Healthy and Balanced Lunches To Take To The Workplace!

Here are 5 well-balanced lunch break suggestions that you can take to the office. The next time you’re sitting at the break room table, your co-workers will definitely be drooling over your mouth-watering cuisine.
1. Wrap it Up. Wrap up some turkey breast or chicken in a wheat pita pocket with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatos, and a serving of fat free manonnaise, mustard, or even horseradish for flavor. Add a mixed greens or some in season fruit on the side. As soon as the lunch bell jingles, every one of the protein and veggies will certainly offer you energy and have you raring to go.
2. Tasty Left-overs. Everybody knows that pasta and casserole dishes are always much better the second day. Produce more so you take some in your lunch. It’s the perfect mom’s food to give you a kick in the behind on your day and carry you through till it’s time to go home.
3. Egg and More Salad. Make a typical egg salad sandwich and add some lime, cilantro and cumin juice to the mixture for some freshly squeezed zing. Together with some natural vegetables or dehydrated fruit on the side you’ll have ample energy until it’s time to punch out for the day.
4. Corned Beef Bagel. Pack corned beef or any cold meat on your preferred kind of bagel in addition to pickles, vegetables, and some condiments, and you’re good to go. Add a salad on the side, or some natural vegetables and you’ve got a meal fit for champions.
If you find salad boring, give it a unique spin. If you don’t think a salad by itself is enough, put it on bread and turn it into a salad sandwich.